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        • What is a Gift Box?

          Branded merchandise for your staff and clients, used for incentives, promotions, events or new employee starter.
          Please use our configurator to build your box, this can work with your budget by selecting the quantity and types of products.
          The more you order the better the discount!!
        • Gift Box Contents

          Minimum order quantity of 25
          We've selected the most popular promotional products to add into your swag box that canbe personalised in CMYK (Full Colour)
          It might be you've in mind something else, that's not a problem we can make up bespoke boxes.
          Please use our configurator to see the prices!!
        • Delivery Options

          Gift boxes are designed to be sent out direct to your employee or customer's home.
          We can offer many delivery options for your gift boxes depending on your use, such as individual or bulk delivery.
          Please contact us if you require storage & call-off options as these are not shown on our configurator.

        • Gift Cards

          Great incentive for customer or employee.
          Each card is designed to be individual, cards canbe pre-paid or set-up with your card payment provider to use against purchasing products on your website..
          Options include presentation card and mail out.
          Use our configurator to see the prices!!
        • Scratch-off Cards

          Minimum order quantity of 25
          Each card is designed to be individual, including information behind the scratch-off panels.
          Ideal for promoting a service or product that the client has shown interest in.
          Options include presentation card and mail out.
          Use our configurator to see the prices!!
        • Voucher/Loyalty Cards

          Minimum order quantity of 25
          Help build & enhance brand commitment with each card individually personalised to your client or prospect. Include expiry date to add urgency to the promotion.
          Options include presentation card and mail out.
          Use our configurator to see the prices!!

        • Stock Campaigns Templates
          We're constantly building campaigns that make it quick and simple to order, as all these camapigns have been fully tooled it means they're ready to go and much cheaper than designing a bespoke one.
          Currently working on - "(a) Eco box - promoting your companies green credentials - (b) Money saving - Promoting your products or services to save company money, including chocolate £1 coins." Please contact us for details.
        • Tailored campaigns are used for:
          1.) Building Loyalty
          2.) Lead Generation
          3.) Increase Sales
          4.) Raise Brand Awareness
          5.) Launch New Product
          6.) Plus more...
        • Step.1 - Choose Your End Goal

          Step.2 - Set Your Campaign Budget

          Step.3 - Identify Your Target Audience

          Step.4 - Design Your Content

        • Step.5 - Choose Your Channels

          Step.6 - Launch and Monitor

          Step.7 - Analyze the Results

          Step.8 - Design Your Next Campaign!!!

        • Talk to Concise Media Branding about your next Campaign, no matter how small or large it is we can offer solutions. In addition to custom camapigns, we're building many stock campaigns that the tooling has already been paid for which has many benefits; a.) Reduced campaign costs b.) Ideal for test camapigns c.) Selection of creative ideas
        • Eco Marketing Solutions
          Concise Media Branding Eco solutions will help all companies over the UK & Ireland promote their Eco-friendly credentials. We over a large range of Eco friendly promotional products (link below) together with bespoke marketing boxes to have an ultimate effect.
          Full range of Eco Branded Products at
          Our methods can help with Lead Generation and gaining new clients that want to see businesses take responsibility for the environment...
        • Concise Media Branding is currently developing a few stock Eco Campaign templates inconjunction with other methods - Talk to the team today to find out more on 01865 596205...